Good Bye Dollar, Hello Gold

Über den Untergang des US-Dollars + Heli-Ben's Fed.

Neu: 2015-11-24:

[10:22] n8wächter: Der US-Dollar hat bereits eine globale Rezession verursacht und jetzt will die FED alles noch schlimmer machen

Neu: 2015-11-20:

[08:49] etfd: Could IMF Trigger A Collapse Of The Dollar? must read!

... One of the more sensational versions of this story strongly implies the dollar's reserve currency status will be threatened, perhaps triggering a collapse in the value of the buck, and a global currency crisis. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Neu: 2015-11-16:

[11:36] DWN: Durchbruch für China: Yuan wird Welt-Reservewährung

Lange hat sie sich geziert die IWF-Mutti - aber gegen die REalität hat nicht einmal sie eine Chance! TB

Neu: 2015-11-14:

[08:13] KWN: China Advances Master Plan To Crush The West And Dominate The World

No Respect As U.S. Dollar Enters Paranoid Moment

Neu: 2015-10-22:

[16:25] Keiser Report: Those Confused Investors! (E825)

Neu: 2015-10-20:

[7:45] Zerohedge: "The Fed's Days Are Numbered" Ron Paul On The Crucial Issue "They" Don't Want To Talk About

Neu: 2015-10-10:

[9:30] SRSrocco: U.S. FIAT MONETARY SCAM: $100 Bill vs Gold

Neu: 2015-09-11:

[16:16] bloomberg: U.S. Takes Step Toward Support for China's Reserve-Currency Bid

[10:30] WDM: The IMF Threatens to Kill the U.S. Dollar

According to Juan Zarate, who helped implement financial sanctions while serving in George W. Bush's Treasury department, "Once the [other currency] becomes an alternative to the dollar, rules of the game begin to change." Leong Sing Chiong, Assistant Managing Director at a major central bank, said this dollar alternative "is likely to transform the financial landscape in the next 5-10 years."

Neu: 2015-09-08:

[17:19] telegraph: China's new oil contract signals shift from Brent and US dollar

Ein Nebenschauplatz nach dme anderen wird eröffnet. Langsam bewundere ich den USD! Äääh...., nein, Scherzerl! TB

Neu: 2015-09-01:

[14:50] infowars: Putin Says Dump Dollar

Would mean the creation of a single financial market between Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other countries of the former Soviet Union



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