Neue Seite, beschreibt alles rund um einen kommenden, möglichen Goldstandard nach Untergang der Fiat-Währungen.

Neu: 2016-01-26:

[19:09] Deviant Investor: A Short History of Paper Money

Suppose you had a printing press in your basement along with a supply of perfect paper.  You could slip down to your basement and print a batch of perfect $100 notes or 500 euro notes, but only in an emergency.

Neu: 2016-01-18:

[10:07] mining:  China, Russia lead central banks gold buying spree

According to the latest World Gold Council's gold reserve data, released Wednesday, China and Russia were once again the biggest buyers, with 21 tonnes and 22 tonnes added to their respective reserves. The People's Bank of China (PBoC) released data last week that showed 19 tonnes were added in December as well. But based on official figures, released last June for the first time since April 2009 and updated monthly ever since, the amount of gold held by the PBOC still only accounts for around 1.7% of its total reserves.

Neu: 2016-01-15:

 [08:45] GoldstandardInstitute: The monthly newsletter of TGSI - Jänner 2016

According to a Reuters report "A finance ministry official said if banks fail to win over temples, the government could intervene
directly..." . A confiscation of temple Gold would set the cat amongst the pigeons not to mention Ganesh gnashing.
That people do not trust governments is not restricted to India. Trust is a wonderful thing in that it is possibly
the strongest interpersonal instinct that we have.

Neu: 2016-01-04:

[08:34] MMNews: Prof. Starbatty: Offener Brief an Münchau wegen Euro-Bruch must read!!!

Prof. Joachim Starbatty klärt in einem offenen Brief SPON-Besserwisser Münchau auf. Dieser hatte zuvor seinen verblüfften Lesern erklärt, das Eurosystem sei wie der Goldstandard und werde deshalb zerbrechen.

Für alle, die Münchaus Artikel zu Weihnachten übersehen haben: Die Spur des Geldes: Daran wird der Euro zerbrechen TB



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