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Diese Seite beschreibt allgemeine Themen zum richtigen Investieren, ohne Gold/Silber, Immobilien. Inklusive aller Papier-Investments. Gold-Themen sind auf den Gold-Themenseiten.

Neu: 2015-07-05:

[14:07] Schweiger: welchen großen Fehler Sie vermeiden müssen, wenn Sie nicht in Verarmung sterben möchte

Neu: 2015-07-01:

[08:50] etfdaily: Bill Gross Says Hold Cash, Prepare For Nightmare Panic Selling

... The problem, as we've been keen to point out, is that when fund flows are one-way (i.e. everyone is selling), fund managers must either i) meet redemptions with cash, or ii) trade the underlying securities. Note that the latter option is so undesirable in illiquid markets (indeed, trading large blocks into illiquid markets poses a systemic risk), that some fund managers are now lining up emergency liquidity lines with banks so that they can at least meet an initial wave of selling with cash and avoid, for a time at least, sparring with illiquidity.



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